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About the Founder

Steve Wetterling

Before starting Servenger, Steve worked as an engineer and manager for Tektronix, NEC America, NatSteel Electronics, and two venture funded start-ups.  He has written two books, holds two patents, and currently lives near Portland, Oregon. (more)
New Product Development
Servenger will work with you and your staff through a step-wise New Product Development process that is understandable and low risk. Each phase will have clear plans, deliverables and budget appropriate to the magnitude of the project. We take pride in delivering value to our clients. This should be clearly apparent at each milestone.

At the very beginning of a project are the essential questions:

What is this going to cost?
How long is it going to take?

Our New Product Development process consists of phases that begin with a concise Definition of the product and work step-wise through to Manufacturing Start-Up. Our process is structured to provide high quality estimates during the Definition, Requirements and Plan & Proposal phases before making major financial commitments to go forward. Each phase includes target deliverables and milestone dates. As the project moves toward the development process, the product design will more and more closely conform to the detailed Requirements document developed at the start of the effort.

Our New Product Development process is scalable to the size, complexity and risks with the proposed project:
    ◦ Simple projects get a simple plan and proposal
    ◦ Complex projects get a highly detailed plan and proposal.
Product Development Phases:
  • Definition
  • Requirements
  • Plan & Proposal
  • Project Start
  • Prototype Phase (A-Phase)
  • Customer Acceptance of the A-Phase prototype
  • Presentation Phase (B-Phase)
  • Regulatory Test & Certification
  • Customer Acceptance of the B-Phase prototype
  • Manufacturing Startup Phase
  • Ongoing Manufacturing and Making Profits
The Product Development Phases are explained in more detail on the Getting Started page.
Microprocessor Firmware
Many products we develop contain one or more microprocessors to provide the user interface, control the functionality and to communicate with other equipment (such as a PC). Servenger specializes in the Microchip Technology PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 series of microprocessors. We program with the Microchip Assembler, the Microchip C18 C compiler and also with the HI-TECH C compiler. We typically use state tables and the STRUC features of C to implement highly structured code yielding very robust performance.
Problem Solving
We like consulting for problem solving efforts – the nastier the better. We bring our structured problem solving methods and project management skills to focus on finding and understanding the Root Causes for the difficulties. Typically there are several “layers to the onion” including people and procedural problems as well as the technical issues. By leading the persons involved to focus on “getting real data” in place of opinions or accusations, we have led some awful situations to very favorable and profitable outcomes for our clients.

Typical problem solving is not so dramatic. If you are dealing with component obsolescence or “lost the source code” issues, we can help.
Schematic Design, PCB Layout, Prototype, and Test
Almost all of our New Product Development work includes creating an electrical schematic, simulating the performance and then laying out a new printed circuit board (PCB). We use OrCAD Capture for most of our electrical schematics and PCB layouts. We also use the CadSoft Eagle Professional schematic capture and PCB layout tools for less complex circuit boards.

For circuit analysis, we use OrCAD PSpice and National Instruments MultiSIM software packages.

We primarily use the Altera programmable logic parts and design tools but can use the Xilinx parts and design tools as needed.

We can adapt to our client’s CAD tools with a preference for the Protel / Altium Designer suite of tools. For clients preferring Mentor Graphics PADS or Cadence Allegro printed circuit layout tools, we provide our design netlist outputs in a compatible format for you or a design bureau to use.
Manufacturing Start Up, including Asian sources
Using our extensive experience with electronics manufacturing, we partner with local Oregon contract electronic manufacturing companies for quick turn and lower volume production.

Where lowest cost and higher volumes are needed we work directly with Asian sources to set up your product for their factories.
Project Management
Good Project Management is essential to New Product Development.  Project Management is the art of using talent, time, and money to create a successful outcome. We have studied this art for thirty years in classes and daily work to create successful outcomes for our employers, our clients and ourselves.
Our Project Management methods are explained in more detail on the Getting Started page.