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Diping Che, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Engineering
Illumina Corporation
9885 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

August 17, 2003

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Steve Wetterling and Servenger LLC

To Whom It May Concern:

During June and July 2003, I arranged for the services of Mr. Steve Wetterling, President of Servenger LLC, to assist with engineering problem solving for a new optical scanning instrument that we were bringing to the market. Steve responded rapidly to a short notice request and came to the San Diego area to be on-site for approximately 6 weeks until the problems was resolved and design was stabilized.

Steve quickly became part of the engineering team and took the ownership of the issues. He typically worked 10-12 hours per day with great energy and enthusiasm. He led the electrical engineering team to understand and fix the technical problems that were occurring. Steve demonstrated his very wide range of expertise including:
• Selection and usage of system power supplies, particularly in recognizing and reducing the impacts from the high level of switching noise originating in the system power supply;
• Proper bonding and grounding for power distribution, particularly in locating and removing unintended ground loops that were damaging components during system turn-on;
• Shielding and filtering of critical signal paths from noise sources;
• Recognizing the sensitivity of the instrument to electrostatic discharge and demonstrating the methods needed prevent ESD damage;
• Stepper motor selection and usage to rotate the optical filter wheels;
• Stepper motor control malfunctions that were traced to multiple causes: over temperature of the driver ICs, the vendor making unannounced changes to internal components with unintended consequences and marginal logic levels going into the motor control circuits;
• Causes for catastrophic CMOS latch up failures;

Steve was always very organized. He demonstrated excellent problem solving abilities and his project leadership skills are exceptional. He helped the engineering team to be organized, maintain focus and effectively working together during the extra hours needed to bring this project to a successful conclusion.
The new product is now in full production and generating significant revenue for our company.

Steve did a very good job for us and I will not hesitate to use him again. I recommend him to others needing an exemplary combination of technical, project and people skills for an electronic product
development effort.

Dr. Diping Che
Andrew King, President and CEO
Icon Time Systems
15201 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Suite A1
Beaverton, OR 97006

October 26, 2007

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

The Servenger company and Steve Wetterling have worked with us this past year as a key contributor to our development program where we have used new RFID tag and sensor technologies to significantly extend our product line.

Steve’s contribution was both for technical content and for important project management tasks. These included:

•  Major re-write to the product performance specification and to the firmware detailed specification.
•  Helping us to locate the lowest cost RFID tag technology and vendor.
•  Finding and working with Texas Instruments for the application of their new RFID transceiver IC. This IC significantly reduced the implementation cost and manufacturing cost of our product. The technical work included the design, tuning and performance test of the PCB antenna as well as reviewing the schematic designs of the overseas product vendor.
•  Working with the vendor to implement the design into a functional prototype. This involved developing a very close working relationship with the vendor’s local office and many late night project conference calls and emails to the staff at the vendor’s Shenzhen, China office.

Very importantly for us, Steve worked closely with our in-house product development team to improve our project management methods from a beginners’ level to become very effective team for getting the work done.

I think of Steve as “my accelerator” – meaning that if something important needs to get done then he’s the guy we go to for rapid results.

Steve did a very good job for us. I would certainly use his services again and I recommend him to others.


Andrew King
President, CEO
Icon Time Systems
Mike Gerard
Principal and President
Advanced Technical Marketing, Inc.
4900 S.W. Griffith Drive, #155
Beaverton, Oregon 97005

September 23, 2003

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Steve Wetterling and Servenger LLC

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known and worked with Steve Wetterling for over 13 years on a business basis as a manufacturers representative for electronic products and on a personal basis.

While with NEC America and the successor company, NatSteel Electronics, Steve led several successful product development projects that used items from companies that I represented such as AT&T Microelectronics for power supplies and for fiber optic components. Steve’s engineering work, project leadership, professionalism and attention to detail in dealing with me and the companies that I represented was always first rate. I always appreciated the depth of the technical expertise that was applied to the projects that I was involved in.

In the Servenger business format, Steve Wetterling has provided technical support to my company and clients for the application of new products from the A. T. M. I. line card.

My working relationship with Steve has always been productive for both parties and I would not hesitate to recommend his services for new product development projects.

Mike Gerard

A. T. M. I.
Beaverton, Oregon
Phone (503) 643-8307