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Useful Resources
Life and Business
1 – Watts Wacker, Futurist, on Optimism – Words to live by:  “I only really know that the optimist has a better future than the pessimist."
2 – The Seven Principles of Sogus Leadership – Principles to live by: The Boy Scouts of America provide beginning and advanced levels of team leadership training for the scouts and for the adult leaders. The Seven Principles are an effective guide for leading a small group of engineers, technicians, production staff and office workers to business success. The first principle is to “Be a person of integrity.”
3 – How to Start Your Own Business
    Presentation to Oregon IEEE Consultants Group: 
    Part 1: What Happens When You Run Your Own Company
    Part 2: FAQs: How to Start your Own Company in Oregon
    Part 3: Steps in Starting a Limited Liability Company in Oregon

This presentation is specific to Oregon but with additional research is adaptable to other states.
 The necessary disclaimer: We use these files in our business and find them helpful. We do not guarantee that they will be helpful to you or that they are error free. Use, enjoy and profit by them, but at your own risk
Design Aids
1 – Choosing and Implementing the Correct USB Connectivity  (.PPT, 83kB)  – Presentation – OctoberBest 2007 Conference:   Presenting USB basics from the users point of view, the various USB standards & variants and the pathways to implement USB as part of new product development.
2 – Using the Servenger Programmable Analog Module (.PPT, 4.7MB) – Presentation - OctoberBest 2006 Conference:  Simplify your analog design cycles, adapt your design using software tools instead of a soldering iron, and add new features & capabilities to your product after the circuit board is finished.
4 – EIA Standard Resistor Values for 20% 10% 5% 2% and 1% Tolerances – Table:  Use this table to select available resistor values to achieve the desired circuit performance. Numerical values are given for “100” to “976” for the 20%, 10%, 5%, 2% and 1% tolerances. User will locate the decimal point to get the specific resistor value.
5 – Tantalum Chip Capacitor Case Size Codes – Table:  Use this table to convert between the various naming conventions and see the corresponding physical sizes.  Did you know that D and E case codes use the same PCB footprint?
3 – Temperature Driven Wearout of Electronic Components – White Paper:   Electronic components generally experience functional wearout when 1 or more physical processes lead to degradation of the component as is it used in a circuit.  Wearout is typically experienced at a macroscopic level when the component no long conducts current. Wearout processes are almost always accelerated by temperature. This means that for an electronic component with a known room temperature service life (e.g. a measured average of 100,000 hours for a representative sample of units), the actual service life will be a lesser amount as the operating temperature increases.