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FPAA Analog Functions

These are some of the currently available pre-tested analog functions available on the Anadigm® FPAA using the AnadigmDesigner2 CAD software. The software calls these functions Configurable Analog Modules or CAMs. Download the latest version of AnadigmDesigner2 for a complete list.

•  Comparator
•  Inverting Differentiator
•  Divider
•  Bilinear Filter
•  Biquadratic Filter
•  Low Corner Frequency Bilinear Low Pass Filter
•  Half Cycle Gain Stage
•  Half Cycle Inverting Gain Stage with Hold
•  Inverting Gain Stage
•  Gain Stage with Polarity Control
•  Gain Stage with Switchable Inputs
•  Gain Stage with Output Voltage Limiting
•  Voltage Controlled Variable Gain Stage
•  Sample and Hold
•  Integrator
•  Multiplier
•  Sinewave Oscillator
•  Arbitrary Periodic Waveform Generator
•  Rectifier with Low Pass Filter
•  Half Cycle Rectifier
•  Half Cycle Inverting Amplifier with Hold
•  Square Root
•  Half Cycle Sum/Difference Stage
•  Sum/Difference Stage with Low Pass Filter
•  Sum/Difference Integrator
•  Transimpedance Amplifier
•  Inverting Sum Stage
•  User-defined Voltage Transfer Function
•  DC Voltage Source
•  Zero Crossing Detector