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33 THINGS you can do with a Servenger PAM™ - Click here What is an FPAA? Details... SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, HAVE FUN with a Servenger Pam - Find out how... Create a 440 Mhz audio signal source - Here's how...


  • Receive differential or single-ended inputs
  • 50 ohm termination for instrumentation or 600 ohm termination for audio signals
  • Stable calibrations over time and temperature

Control Systems

  • Graphically implement PID control equations
  • Download and test immediately
  • Update as conditions change


  • Low frequency analog signal acquisition and recording, noise removal
  • Pulse Width Modulation origination and reception
  • Stable calibrations over time and temperature


  • AGC, leveling, voice path switching, noise cancellation,
    out-of-band signaling
  • Complex impedance filtering
  • Compress, emphasize and amplify


  • Amplifying, mixing, filtering, equalization, compression, preemphasis, deemphasis and stereo effects for professional and semi-professional audio market


  • Put a world of resources at your students' fingertips
  • Demonstrate Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic and Bessel filters with amplitude and phase response in full detail

Experimenters and Hobbyists

  • Invent creative applications for home, shop, security systems, audio, radio, stereo effects, robots, amateur rocketry, learning kits, how to do almost anything interesting


  • Take analog signal processing to places you've never been before!

What else can you do?  Click for 33 ideas.